Help Your Cat To Lose Weight

it’s not always easy to know how to get your cat to lose weight. when i took this decision to make my cat lose somme weight it was soo hard to igore that pleading look in her eyesit looks like cats suffer short term memory loss when we talk about food everytime see me in the kitchen she sees a signal for food!so she comes trying to trip me up by Circling around my legs lol!

In this post we’ll discuss how you can transform your chubby kitty into a lean, mean, hunter. You’ll learn when you can say your cat is overweight, and when you’ll need to take urgent actions. Plus, i’ll mention common causes of obesity in cats. We’ll also look at health problems your cat may be at risk of if she’s very overweight. and, we’ll take a look on few diets that may help your kitty shed a few pounds.

Is Your Cat Obese?

Yes, a lot of us may think chubby cats are cute.But it isn’t healthy for Kitty. and We want her to live a longer, healthier life not get a big ‘Gram following for being “chonky.”

So you can check if your cat is overweight by Taking a look at her by standing above, you should be able to see a waist. Looking at her sideways, you have to see an upward slant from ribs to back legs. Just as in people; a small sag in the tummy is commonly seen in middle aged to seniors. However, large pouches of fat aren’t normal and your cat must lose weight.

We recommand check with your vet before putting Kitty on a diet. Kitty must lose weight slowly or he could end up with a serious liver disease called hepatic lipidosis.

Reasons why your cat may be obese

The number one reason for obesity in cats as in people is burning fewer calories than consumed. eating high calorie foods and Inactivity soon lead to a fat cat!

As i mentioned previously ; Feeding on demand is another common cause .

Maybe you think your cat will know when to stop eating, but just like us, pets are all different. there are some who thrive on regular small meals, when others are better with two carefully portioned meals a day.

This is 100% true if your cat eats fast.

This is 100% true if your cat eats fast. I work from home, so in my case i’ve found that feeding small amounts of food to my cat throughout the day works best for me. i can’t imagine if I fed her every time I went to make cup coffee he’d be the size of a house!

Next time you go to buy her food you should read feeding instructions on cans and packets. Go by the size and weight of your cat so you can use your judgement. Dry food is higher in calories than wet food, so if your furry friend is gaining weight, you need to cut back on kibbles.

pay attetion! if you reward your cat for good behavior; and if she get so many treats, that can lead to expand her waistline. A few treats are fine, it’s just like us, we should eat cakes and biscuits in moderation right ?

other thing you need to pay attention with, it’s a trick they use we don’t notice; is when they beg for leftovers! so avoid getting into the habit of feeding your cat scraps from the dinner plate.

If your cat is eating normal portions of food and not getting extra treats from neighbors, you should consider visiting a vet. because One of the signs of diabetes or thyroid problems is weight gain.

Health risks of an overweight cat

As Carrying excess weight around is bad for us as it is for our pets. with very similar health risks. It can shorten lives as well as put a strain on the heart. these are a few risks associated with obesity you don’t want your cat to suffer.

1- osteoarthritis and Joint damage

because the obesity puts a huge strain on joints which can lead to the development of arthritis. and you know! Prevention is always better than cure, so if you notice your cat is looking more like a walking barrel than the lean hunter she once was, you need to take action.

2- Fatty liver disease

Cat who is very overweight will have excessive amounts of fat cells in her body. if too many fat cells stored in the liver it can have damaging effects. Your cat’s liver filters toxins from blood, stores vital nutrients, as well as produces bile. An accumulation of large numbers of fat cells in the liver prevent it from working well. and you can avoid all of that by keeping an eye on your pet’s weight.

3- High blood pressure

Humans are not only who suffer high blood pressure but our pets too. If your pet is carrying too much weight this may put a strain on her heart. While hypertension is more common in older cats, an overweight younger cat is still at risk.

Help Your Cat Lose Weight and Develop a Healthy Lifestyle

Change How You Feed Kitty:

  • Switch from dry food to wet food. Canned food is lower in carbs and higher in protein, closer to what a cat is biologically prefere to eat. The extra moisture keeps him hydrated. You can add additional water to help him feel more satisfied.
  • Feed more pate style food. Pate foods also have lower carbs contents and lower calories than the cuts and gravy styles.
  • Stop free-feeding, switch to scheduled mealtimes.  Smaller portions served more often will keep your cat’’s blood sugar levels more constant and keep him from getting hungry.
  • Feed for weight management instead of following the feeding guidelines on the cans. typically an adult cat would eat 40-50 Kcal per kilogram times the cat’s target weight times 60-70%.  she should eat around 157 Kcal per day.
  • Measure the food, whether you use wet food, dry food, diet food, or raw/fresh food. Keep the calories appropriate for weight loss.
  • Use interactive feeding devices. There are slow feeder bowls to slow cats down and puzzles or feeding devices that stimulate his natural hunting behavior.
  • Let Kitty hunt for his food. You can Put his food in different places so he has to find it for each meal.
  • Find low-calorie treats. i recommande Freeze-dried meat, it’s awesome. Don’t forget to deduct the treats from his daily calorie allotment.

Increase Kitty’s Exercise:

Cats were created for an active lifestyle. But, if he’s dealing with arthritis or gets winded quickly, then he needs to start slow. If your kitty spends a lot of time indoors she’ll need you to create an exercise regime for her. This means playing with her for at least 10 minutes twice a day. start with him gently and up the intensity as his fitness improves.  Arthritic cats might benefit from a low-impact, ground based play.  They will strengthen muscles and increase flexibility in tendons and ligaments.

To make things as simple as possible i’ll say that all you need are a few simple toys like a ball, feather wand, or laser pointer.

If you live in unsafe area as a main road, providing have a garden, you could get your cat run. yes; It’s not the same as being free to wander but at least will allow your cat to exercise. If you have the space indoors, you could get a cat wheel. It’s like an exercise bike for kitty and get her active. The only downside is, it can take a lot of patience, and lots of treats to keep your cat motivated!

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