how to help depressed dog ?

a)- Can dogs get depressed ?

The short answer unfortunately  is «yes» ; dogs are susceptible to health disorders, both mentally and physically. just like you and me ! now you must be asking yourself how may i know if my dog is depressed or not ?

Well there are signs to look out for, once you notice a change in their behavior , We will talk more about the warning signs for dog’s depression later on in this article,

but first,let us take a look around some of the possible causes behind your dog’s depression symptoms. You know that all dogs are not the same; they are different, and the reasons you’ll see are a general overview of the most common causes behind canine depression. If you suspect your dog might be depressed even though the following scenarios aren’t relevant to your dog ; so he can confirm or deny if your pet is depressed

what can make your dog depressed ?

  • A Side Effect of Physical Ailments.
  • Environmental changes  or Changes in Living Arrangements :

like a sudden move, a change in environment, or the loss of a human or pet

  • Like Dog Owner, Like Dog :

which mean you shouldn’t ask why my pet is depressed when you have a bad moments, they can feel what we feel.

  • Heartbreak and Loss :

the death of another pet in the home is a cause of depression. Dogs bond with each other and will take the loss very hard.

  • Phobia-Oriented Fear 
  • Isolation: if you suddenly left your dog alone all day, he may experience depression. If you have a dog that may be isolated in a crate or other container, the lack of freedom could result in depressive symptoms. There are numerous alternatives that can replace a crate.

maybe none of these suggestions apply to your pet’s circumstances, because your dog’s situation might be different from someone else’s. so as we said, if the 5 reasons aren’t relevant to your dog and you still think that he might be depressed just contact your vet .

How to Know if My Dog is Depressed ?

or we can ask how depression affects dogs ? The most conspicuous sign of dog depression is a typically excitable and energetic dog becoming suddenly withdrawn. if your dog start isolating itself and preferring to sleep rather than play, it may be a sign that it is depressed. When the self-isolation is paired with inactivity, dogs are experiencing the physical manifestations of depression. If your dog spends more time asleep than awake, this might also be indicative of depression in dogs. Sleeping habits and activity levels are almost always affected by depression.

other sign is about weight; sometimes depressed dogs might exhibts a decrease in overall food, but remeber we said that not all dogs are the same ! so there are other depressed dogs might experience an uptick in their appetite, resulting in weight gain. what we’re trying to say is if your dog suddenly gains weight or has severe weight loss these are both signs of dogs with depression.

another side effect of depression is Anxiety. Sometimes, this can happend if you decide addition of another pet in your household. It doesn’t always stem from inviting another pet into your life. Still, sometimes, another pet will cause your dog to feel left out or less important, leading to depressed moods.

What can I Do for My Depressed Dog ?

your depressed dog need extra attention and affection to carry him through his depressive episodes. Depressed dogs are enduring a mental disorder that often manifests as physical side effects, but there are still many ways to help him feel like a happy dog.

first things first, you need to think about your dog’s habits; what it likes the most; and try to do it for him.

For exampel if your dog loved car rides; plan to take him on a long car rides so you can help him feel a sense of normalcy.

or maybe your dog is an avid fan of the dog parks, or it have a friend that it always loved playing with at the park.

even if your pet shown tired and would rather sleep all day, just try to get him outside for a change of scenery.

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